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 (ŭn′jə-lənt, ŭn′dyə-, -də-)
Resembling waves in occurrence, appearance, or motion.


rare resembling waves; undulating
ˈundulance, ˈundulancy n


(ˈʌn dʒə lənt, ˈʌn dyə-, -də-)

undulating; wavelike in motion or pattern.
un′du•lance, n.
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Adj.1.undulant - resembling waves in form or outline or motion


a. ondulante;
___ feverfiebre ___, brucellosis.
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Signs of disease in humans are undulant fever, musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, central nervous systems complications, arthritis, orchitis and epididymitis (Palmer et al.
Objective: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is clinically an undulant disease, and reasons for flare or remission vary.
Botan mikiri ("tree-peony border") creates a scalloped border, like an undulant row of round peony petals.
In humans, undulant fever recovers completely within three to twelve months with only few patients suffering from a chronic disease.
Rectum temperature was measured by inserting thermometer into anus for 3 cm, and respiration frequency was calculated by counting the undulant times of flank within certain time slot measured by stopwatch.
In humans, the disease is usually marked with undulant fever, headache, fatigues, back pain, general malaise and arthritis.
Audubon's drawing chimes with Walcott's description of his egrets that, in poem vii, are "dip[ping] their necks undulant, bending, / stabbing at worms," and have "darting necks" (9-10).
Indeed, the very material of Rodin's sculpture seems to be in flux, and the figures struggle against this inevitable dissipation every bit as much as they integrate into the undulant landscape.
As he labored through options for creating patterns of light and shadow within his minimal means, there were less successful experiments, like the circular Schotel-relief (Dish Relief), 1963, with its radiating pattern, or the undulant diamonds of R69-23,1969.
It can be noted that SEM images exhibited undulant, rough and porous structure, which causes an increased surface area of the hydrogel.
All I required was that the seasons come in order and the sky be more like a bowl than a platter and the terrain be soothingly undulant.
Brucellosis, or undulant fever, is a zoonotic infectious disease caused by several species-specific strains of Brucella, which are small, gram-negative, non-motile, non-spore-forming, rod-shaped coccobacilli.