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1. Not edited or revised.
2. Not adapted for a special audience or purpose.


not edited; unaltered from its original form


(ʌnˈɛd ɪ tɪd)
not edited: an unedited manuscript.
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Adj.1.unedited - not changed by editingunedited - not changed by editing    
unaltered, unchanged - remaining in an original state; "persisting unaltered through time"


[ʌnˈedɪtɪd] ADJinédito
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Check out the full, unedited interviews with everyone from Attorney General Ken Paxton to Lt.
These included that the entire unedited footage of the documentary would be shown, before telecast, to jail authorities so that there is no breach of prison security norms.
Then at one stage said he wanted an unedited 40-minute interview of himself in the film, which, of course, was never going to happen.
The works of nearly 20 Iranian artists will represent the country's modern art creations at the exhibition titled Unedited History.
com', which did this expose', hand over the unedited footage to the party for verification.
The screening of the Sean Penn-directed Into the Wild on MBC Max on Monday night sparked much debate on social networking website Twitter, with many viewers complaining that scenes featuring partial nudity were unedited, according to media reports.
Restrepo Encores Unedited and with Limited Commercial Interruption Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 8 p.
The e-mail confirms what this newspaper has reported over weeks after seeing reams of material marked for deletion in the unedited expenses files of seven local MPs who agreed to reveal all and avoid accusations of "covering up".
0 world where districts are grappling with everything from Wikipedia to MySpace to YouTube, to about a million other sites where unedited, user-generated content is popping up, what is the best solution?
For the record, here is the unedited Larry King Live exchange:
If you look at a piece of footage, edited and unedited, sometimes it doesn't matter, and sometimes there's a pivotal difference,'' she said.
EVICTED Big Brother contestant Dawn Blake was spending her 13th day on hunger strike today after accusing producers of ignoring her requests for unedited footage.