uneducated person

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Noun1.uneducated person - an ignorant personuneducated person - an ignorant person      
unskilled person - a person who lacks technical training
aliterate, aliterate person - a person who can read but is disinclined to derive information from literary sources
illiterate, illiterate person, nonreader - a person unable to read
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If you try to persuade any uneducated person that she cannot call up a visual picture of a friend sitting in a chair, but can only use words describing what such an occurrence would be like, she will conclude that you are mad.
VClvSfmSy0k) Boxing News 2014: Social Media War Between Boxers Continue As Pacquiao Repeats Comment That Mayweather Acts Like Uneducated Person, While Ignoring 'Miss Pac Man' Post
Then he proposed to me but I refused because he was an uneducated person and had started disrespecting me.
Our imam says that if you argue with a scientist you will win for sure, but if you argue with an uneducated person he will definitely win against you.
Some people will write me off as they always do but it would take a very uneducated person to do that right now.
He added: "Some people will write me off as they always do, some people will write my team off as they always do, but it would take a very uneducated person to do that right now.
He said that government's first priority is promotion of education while uneducated person is tantamount to orphan.
As Jim Vitale, a con criminal featured in Tricks of the Trade boasts, "I would say that the educated person is an easier target than the uneducated person.
Ilyas said an uneducated person could not represent the country in a proper way.
Will the UN intervene if an uneducated person is being forced to vote a certain way?
I am a totally uneducated person from a remote village.
Even the most uneducated person can see the effect he has when he's out there.