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Adj.1.unequalized - not caused to be equal
unequal - poorly balanced or matched in quantity or value or measure
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GLOBAL MARKET OVERVIEW II-1 Pressure Ulcers - Fact Sheet II-1 Unequalized Pressure - The Primary Cause behind Pressure Ulcers II-1 Reimbursement Cuts Pressurize Hospitals to Prevent Ulcers II-2 Emphasis on Prevention Stimulates Market Growth II-3 Global Market Overview and Outlook II-3 Impact of Economic Recession in Retrospect II-4 Developed Regions - Largest Markets for Decubitus Ulcer Treatment Products II-5 Table 1: Per-Capita Healthcare Expenditure in Select Regions: 2014E (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-5 Table 2: Healthcare Spending (% of GDP) - 2015 Projections by Geographic Region (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-6 Major Players in Pressure Ulcer Treatment Products Market II-6
331) To avoid impacts on the county budgets and job markets, and to prevent unequalized school budgets, replacement revenue streams must bridge the $5.
In a stereo-only system, the Audyssey remains a benefit over an unequalized room in the important 100Hz-500Hz range with a likely improvement down to 30Hz assuming a properly configured satellite-subwoofer system.
Others argued that the American Dream was merely an illusion, as Mumford points out, and they cited examples of inner-city schools, poverty-stricken neighborhoods, and unequalized healthcare as support.
He argued that his retirement, reduced income, and the depletion of his pension as capital amounted to a material change in circumstances, and only the unequalized portion of his pension should be considered when setting the amount of spousal support paid to his ex-wife.
It provides five equalization curves that are tailored for use with select JBL loudspeakers; it also provides an unequalized bypass setting.