uneven parallel bars

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Noun1.uneven parallel bars - a pair of parallel bars set at different heights; used in women's gymnastics
bars, parallel bars - gymnastic apparatus consisting of two parallel wooden rods supported on uprights
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925), tied for second in the uneven parallel bars (9.
Arms strength: arms bending and stretching (push-ups); hang with elbows bent, chin over bar at uneven parallel bars / high bar
Who knew all those flips and dismounts off the uneven parallel bars would one day help her leap and spiral off 1- and 3-meter diving boards?
I gave the nickname 'Bravo' to Tian because of his ability to do a full handstand press with a half pike dismount and a twist from the uneven parallel bars.
Here, Samantha shows excellent form on the uneven parallel bars.
We climb a long rope (using hands only), and we do pullups" she says, along with dips, pushups, leg lifts, sprints, hanging leg lifts, and other drills, all just to stay in shape to work on the different events: the vault, floor exercises, balance beam, and Amy's favorite, uneven parallel bars.
My paper ran a story recently about a local Olympic hopeful who took a nasty spill on the uneven parallel bars, breaking her jaw and nose and losing three teeth in the process.
Gymnast John Roethlisberger bends his limber body over and under the uneven parallel bars as if he were made of rubber.
CORVALLIS - Makayla Stambaugh nailed her uneven parallel bars routine for a score of 9.
975: Anna Li finished first on the uneven parallel bars and the balance beam and tied for the all-around title to lead the No.