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1. Not meant or adapted for a given purpose; inappropriate: a solvent that is unfit for use on wood surfaces.
2. Below the required standard; unqualified: an unfit parent.
3. Not in good physical or mental health.
4. Biology Unable to survive or produce viable offspring in a particular environment.
tr.v. un·fit·ted, un·fit·ting, un·fits
To cause to be unsuited or unqualified: "Having run for president ... often unfits a man for lesser or more useful subsequent work" (Garry Wills).

un·fit′ly adv.
un·fit′ness n.


in an unfit way
References in classic literature ?
The history of Babrias is so strange and interesting, that it might not unfitly be enumerated among the curiosities of literature.
Reid was less explicit about historical progression, but seems to be following the same kind of logic linking hierarchy and teleology: "The chain of natural causes has, not unfitly, been compared to a chain hanging down from heaven: A link that is discovered supports the links below it, but it must itself be supported; and that which supports it must be supported, until we come to the first link, which is supported by the throne of the Almighty.
at 744 ("And to maintain the discipline essential to perform its mission effectively, the military has developed what `might not unfitly be called the customary military law' or `general usage of the military service.