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Doran has a hundred curious things to note:--that Richard the Third, for instance, who has retained a so unflattering possession of the stage, was its "first practically useful patron.
Not Coleridge first threw that spell; but God's great, unflattering laureate, Nature.
Vincy, and had ended by seeing a very unsatisfactory reflection of himself in the coarse unflattering mirror which that manufacturer's mind presented to the subtler lights and shadows of his fellow-men; and perhaps his experience ought to have warned him how the scene would end.
Danny ran another careless and unflattering glance over Rivera and sighed.
Babcock had related this incident to Newman, and our hero had applied an epithet of an unflattering sort to the young girl.
Quickly, Charles plunged into business, and Tarwater heard with great distinctness every word of Charles' unflattering description of him and the proposition to give him passage to Dawson.
But the second declared mutinously that he didn't care a rap who was on the other side of the bridge, and Jukes, passing in a flash from lofty disapproval into a state of exaltation, invited him in unflattering terms to come up and twist the beastly things to please himself, and catch such wind as a donkey of his sort could find.
It seems that Monsieur Rabourdin has written and sent in very unflattering descriptions of the clerks whom he wants to 'reform.
Kim Kardashian is far from happy about her unflattering bikini photos in the next episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
Your Views Your Views QUOTES OF THE DAY "Arms as scrawny as an old woman's" Tory ex-minister Ann Widdecombe's unflattering description of the Duchess of Cambridge "I can't imagine how you build a career, never mind an empire, on that" Kim Cattrall does not understand the obsession with the Kardashians "When I first went to America, they thought I was Australian and I got quite insulted by that.
The study further revealed that majority of women share photos that flaunt their slimmest angles online and delete any unflattering photos irrespective of other people present in the snap, due to the pressure to look "perfect", the Daily Star reported.
no unflattering photos of each other or anything that could hurt the other's career.