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v. un·fold·ed, un·fold·ing, un·folds
1. To open and spread out (something folded); extend.
2. To remove the coverings from; disclose to view: unfold a package.
3. To reveal gradually by written or spoken explanation; make known: "He unfolded his tale of woe: the descriptions of poverty and the great distance they had traveled, the abuses they had suffered, the injustice of it all" (Robert Rosenberg).
a. To become spread out; open out: Spring flowers unfolded everywhere.
b. To develop or occur as a series of events or stages: "The trial unfolded in an imposing, high-ceilinged courtroom in Westminster Hall" (Adam Hochschild).
2. To be revealed gradually to the understanding: A solution to the problem unfolded as they spoke.

un·fold′ment n.


the process of unfolding
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In 'The Birth of the Clinic', Michel Foucault (9) described the development of modern medicine from the 1 8th century onwards in order to give visibility to the configuration of the model of care of clinical science, by means of an in-depth reorganization not only of medical knowledge, but mainly of the unfoldment of a new discourse emanated from a new experience of disease.
All matter unfolds out of the implicate order to form the explicate or unfolded order in a continuous equilibrium of enfoldment and unfoldment.
Structured play--interactions with others or with objects in which a theme provides a creative context for the unfoldment of learning through purposeful movement.
Let ritual become an unfoldment of the Christ nature of us all instead of a fixation on the fact that Jesus knew and lived according to his Christ nature.
The process of unfoldment and re-enfoldment is therefore considered to be fundamental (Bohm, 1995, p.
Meher Baba accepted the invitation because in the unfoldment of His Divine Plan, 'America has a major role to play'.
Jung saw individuation, the unfoldment of consciousness and blossoming of the soul, to be intricately related to the progressive emergence of the psychological types.
Conquest of the Tendency to be Angry, by the Unfoldment of the Higher Life
It's as if the parameters of necessity that guide the unfoldment of the universe had blown life itself into kingdom come.
So we need to embrace and love it all, as it is perfectly set up for our unfoldment.
I would like to share the history and spiritual unfoldment that has resulted in making this column, From Heart to Heart, an anticipated contribution to the hearts and Saturdays of so many readers for the last five years.
The three, mental discipline, natural unfoldment, and apperception, were speculative as opposed to empirical and were based upon assumptions as to man's moral and actional makeup.