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Earning a permanent place in the memory; memorable: an unforgettable experience.

un′for·get′ta·bil′i·ty, un′for·get′ta·ble·ness n.
un′for·get′ta·bly adv.
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Adv.1.unforgettably - in a memorable mannerunforgettably - in a memorable manner; "Horowitz could play Chopin memorably"
بصورَةٍ لا تُنْسى
unutulmaz bir şekilde


[ˈʌnfəˈgetəblɪ] ADVde manera inolvidable
unforgettably beautifultan hermoso que resulta inolvidable


advauf unvergessliche Weise


(anfəˈgetəbl) adjective
never able to be forgotten. The experience was unforgettable.
ˌunforˈgettably adverb
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GHENT, Belgium, Safar 17, 1437, Nov 29, 2015, SPA -- The moment Andy Murray has pursued with such fanatical zeal finally arrived, unforgettably, on Sunday when an outrageous lob arced over Belgium's David Goffin to seal Britain's first Davis Cup title for 79 years, Reuters reported.
muSIc Cara Dillon Critically acclaimed Irish folk singer Cara Dillon brings her own unforgettably moving blend of traditional folk songs to the city.
Romance, melodrama, eight Oscars, and Lancaster and Kerr unforgettably intertwining in the surf.
It was the Jamaican who unforgettably had the last laugh, silently saluting Stokes as he left the field following his dismissal during the second Test in Grenada.
Much like the nostalgic scent of Sunday dinner, Italian Bred will remind audiences of their own unique upbringing and unforgettably humorous childhood memories.
The ex-Spurs and Northern Ireland legend unforgettably scored in the legendary win over hosts Spain in 1982.
After Royal Northern Sinfonia playing several past orchestral Proms, we're thrilled that the virtuoso quality of our musicians is recognised this year by a chamber Prom, while for our young Quay Voices to sing two concerts with the peerless Vienna Philharmonic and Sir Simon Rattle will be an unforgettably exciting experience for them.
Wilkinson unforgettably kicked the winning drop goal for the Red Rose against Australia in the final 12 years ago, while Robinson scored England's only try in the topsy-turvy 20-17 triumph after extra-time.
The surprise concert was an unforgettably moving and typically Saxon experience for visitors to the prestigious museum, which dates back to 1851.
I Called Myself Cassandra is sweeping, passionate, emotional, and unforgettably enlightening.
Fresh, comic, colorful illustrations portray every quirk in the kindest light, unforgettably.
Both products strongly feature chillies - a spice unforgettably introduced to Europe by 16th century adventurers returning from Brazil, the home of this year's football spectacular.