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After a few minutes' reflection, however, she continued, "I DO remember his boasting one day, at Netherfield, of the implacability of his resentments, of his having an unforgiving temper.
He is implacable--and yet if a man's brother or son has been slain he will accept a fine by way of amends from him that killed him, and the wrong-doer having paid in full remains in peace among his own people; but as for you, Achilles, the gods have put a wicked unforgiving spirit in your heart, and this, all about one single girl, whereas we now offer you the seven best we have, and much else into the bargain.
Between games he supplied me with odd pieces of evidence, such as that he had known the Moultries all his life, being their cousin, and that Miss Mary, the eldest, was an unforgiving woman who would never let bygones be.
You set up for being unforgiving," she said without anger.
He very handsomely hopes they will be happy together; and there is nothing very unforgiving in that, I think.
I can't picture you as being unforgiving for long," said Stella.
Ignorant of the provocation which had produced this unforgiving temper of mind, Miss Ladd gently remonstrated.
As she laid by the little book, the confessions in it reproached her more sharply that any words Polly could have spoken; for she had laughed at her friend, had slighted her sometimes, and been unforgiving for an innocent offence.
Such unforgiving selfishness is difficult to understand unless as a perverse sort of refinement.
Surely, surely you are not so unforgiving as to carry your little differences to such a length as - '
Look at that blacksmith, for instance," went on Father Brown calmly; "a good man, but not a Christian--hard, imperious, unforgiving.
He expressed, indeed, so much resentment against an unforgiving temper, that the captain at last pretended to be convinced by his arguments, and outwardly professed to be reconciled.