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Not based on fact or sound evidence; groundless: an unfounded allegation of wrongdoing. See Synonyms at baseless.

un·found′ed·ly adv.
un·found′ed·ness n.
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Without basis or foundation in fact:
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Dubai: A 51-year-old divorced woman and a married clerk, who is half her age, were cleared of having illicit sex after they convinced a court that they had been unfoundedly accused.
The party says in a statement that the only Macedonian mayor in Albania and fighter for human rights has been held for 60 days unfoundedly and in extremely bad conditions.
they have been unfoundedly accused," concluded the lawyer.
Apparently Janeva didn't like this decision and attacked Basevska before the media and the whole public accusing her of delaying the trial deliberately and unfoundedly.
The Zionist official continued to level baseless allegations against Iran and unfoundedly accused Iran of leading the trend of terrorism in the world without offering any proofs and clues to his claim," he added.
By relying exclusively on Verdugo-Urquidez's citizenship-based sufficient connections test, the court has not only effectively ignored Supreme Court precedent, leading to inconsistencies in the lower courts, but more importantly unfoundedly restricted, rather than expanded, the rights of foreign plaintiffs such as Jose Rodriguez to relief under the Constitution.
Despite IAEA's ruling that Iran has a right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, the United States, Israel, and some of their allies, unfoundedly attempt to impose illegal sanctions on the Islamic Republic.
The President noted in his motives for the veto that the requirements for granting permanent residency status were unfoundedly high and complicated, along with the conditions to grant Bulgarian citizenship binding them with substantial investment amounts.
While members state of AU respected the decision of the AU not to cooperate with ICC in apprehending and arresting Sudanese President over crimes committed in Darfur, the Sudanese Foreign Ministers has unfoundedly challenged the decisions of the very African institution that protects his President.