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adj. un·gain·li·er, un·gain·li·est
1. Lacking grace or ease of movement or form; clumsy.
2. Difficult to move or use; unwieldy.

[un- + obsolete gainly, proper (from Middle English gainli, from gain, from Old Norse gegn, direct).]

un·gain′li·ness n.
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Noun1.ungainliness - the carriage of someone whose movements and posture are extremely ungainly and inelegant
clumsiness, awkwardness - the carriage of someone whose movements and posture are ungainly or inelegant
فَظاظَه، فَظاظَه، إرْتِباك


[ʌnˈgeɪnlɪnɪs] Ndesgarbo m, torpeza f


(anˈgeinli) adjective
awkward, clumsy or ungraceful. She is rather large and ungainly.
unˈgainliness noun
References in classic literature ?
There was something monumental in his ungainliness.
He was much below the middle height, but his large head, which seemed to hang loosely on his body, gave him an odd ungainliness.
His ungainliness gave him enough of the air of his simile to set Rosa off laughing heartily.
The result is an awkward form in which, rather than leaving things out, Hemingway risks the ungainliness of a book that "would have had everything in it.
This ungainliness is precisely what works about his poetry, indicating the dissonances between conventional poetic content and procedural form that give his output its energy.
It is this very scale and ungainliness that has made Federal Anti-Monopoly Service chief Igor Artemyev this week call Gazprom "a highly-inefficient company that has enough money and must simply bring its house in order.
His writing seldom describes emotion without focusing on the body itself: "intense conviction", he tells us, "will sometimes best express itself through the ungainliness of spontaneity" (White [196112002: 14).
The fantasy was poised with the choreography capturing the amusing ungainliness and wild actions of children.
This surprising lack of representation within the brand strategy may be a reflection of the ungainliness of the region's size, which, as we have noted, is one of the largest in Australia and varies in terms of soil type, altitude and indeed modes of life of residents.