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1. Slow or reluctant in giving, forgiving, or sharing; stingy.
2. Harsh in judgment; unkind.

un·gen′er·ous·ly adv.


in an ungenerous manner
References in classic literature ?
I have not treated her ungenerously, and she had no just cause of complaint against me, but you know what women are, Mr.
Read it, and--" she checked herself, even in her anger she was incapable of speaking ungenerously to the old man who had so warmly befriended her.
I have no doubt he is, poor fellow,' said Helena, with a look of proud compassion at her brother, expressing a deep sense of his being ungenerously treated.
Yes, your heart aches for the pig, and more so for Sam, but simultaneously, ungenerously, comes the thought: We all have to pass sometime, pig.
Amazing indeed that scholars as generous as Bloom and Martin--witness their making publicly available the digitized Black Panther and the Yuen collection--could also be so ungenerously and unjustifiably withholding.
I find this alternative take on Lourdes to be of interest as, in my opinion, she has been read quite ungenerously by many.
One method of preserving [public credit] is to use it as sparingly as possible, avoiding occasions of expense by cultivating peace, but remembering also that timely disbursements to prepare for danger frequently prevent much greater disbursements to repel it, avoiding likewise the accumulation of debt, not only by shunning occasions of expense, but by vigorous exertion in lime of peace to discharge the debts which unavoidable wars may have occasioned, not ungenerously throwing upon posterity the burden which we ourselves ought to bear.
Newcastle has two competitions starting with Irish Oaks finalist Mutual Decision a likely sort for the 480m Angel of the North Oaks at 8-1 and Blonde Fletch a very worthy, and far from ungenerously priced, favourite for the Great North Run over 670m at 7-2.
Thus, in Aristotle's eyes, generosity presupposes the right to act ungenerously.
Messi -- not ungenerously listed at 5 foot 7 -- does not suffer the ignominy of being towered over by the svelte Roccuzzo who is ( more than) a few inches shorter.
12) I suspect, though, that even two authors with intuitions as different as these would be more surprised to discover that a kind person behaved ungenerously than that an honest person did.
18) After Wollstonecraft's unsuccessful attempt at drowning, her accusing voice cries out in the very act of promising silence: "lf I have any criterion to judge of right and wrong, I have been most ungenerously treated: but, wishing now only to hide myself, I shall be silent as the grave in which I long to forget myself.