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Adj.1.unguaranteed - without financial securityunguaranteed - without financial security; "an unsecured note"
unsafe, insecure - lacking in security or safety; "his fortune was increasingly insecure"; "an insecure future"
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In the absence of a negative rating action on the Russian Federation, a weakening of the company's links with the state as reflected by a material reduction in annual subsidies or significant growth of market-originated, unguaranteed debt would lead to a downgrade.
Introduced in May 2016, SCR Notes are unsecured and unguaranteed corporate bonds that build on the company's successful multifamily securities offerings and single-family Structured Agency Credit Risk debt notes, and reduce taxpayers' exposure to mortgage default risk.
There are fears this could be the start of the gig economy in the NHS, with unguaranteed hours and an expectation nurses be called upon at short notice to do extra hours through an app.
Gibbs left Arsenal this summer to join West Browich Albion after the club signed the Bosnian left back Sead KolaEiinac, which made his participation with the team unguaranteed.
There were no impaired loans on the SBA loan unguaranteed portion at 30 September 2016 and non-accrual loans totaled USD183,000.
25 million and the two unguaranteed notes totaled $1.
September's salaries unguaranteed Berri's surprise: I would not vote for Aoun unless.
The rating of the unguaranteed MYR 160 million IMTN reflects the credit profile of Borcos, benefiting from a multiple-notch uplift, in view of the high likelihood of extraordinary support from BPMB.
Conversely, a negative rating action on Kazakhstan or weakening of Baiterek's links with the State, as evidenced by issuance of material unguaranteed market debt, would lead to a downgrade.