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As her father and mother discovered before her, both in their separate ways, one leaving, one waiting for everyone else to leave, there was nothing like an unhurried, unharried shower.
Most importantly, he gave us a safe and unharried environment in which to venture beyond our initial concerns of style and budget, and our fears of conforming to a tradition that didn't fit us.
The pace was solid, which suited So You Think well, he raced evenly in Moore's hands, not too keenly, unharried for third place down the side of the track.
The commercial spots themselves were deliberately uncontroversial, going for gorgeous Reagan-era images of happy kids and unharried parents rather than the more familiar anti-choice portrait of gored nine-month "fetuses.
In person and even on The Cho Show there's something sort of unharried and Zen about her that makes it hard to discern what exactly drives her.
Like the rest of the show, the action is unharried.
Once considered mainly a feedlot pest, the stable fly has extended its reign of terror to the open pasture and rangeland, areas where cattle once grazed virtually unharried by the bloodsucking insect.
A mixture of cookbook and breviary, this collection of meditations and recipes moves us through the liturgical and calendar year at an unhurried and unharried pace, pausing to savor the seasons and the spices of our lives and meals.
Even the most abstract and beguiling piece, Duende, becomes hectic as it tries to account for every note of the normally unharried Debussy.
If Bassermann arrives at work relatively unharried, presumably other Mercedes drivers are in similar shape.
For a woman who had given birth approximately every other year for two decades, she looked remarkable: fit, unharried, and wearing the most enchanting smile I've ever seen.
If he finds himself relatively unharried in that role, Island Flyer will probably be one for in-running support, but current preference is for Blu Teen.