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Adj.1.unhearable - impossible to hearunhearable - impossible to hear; imperceptible by the ear; "an inaudible conversation"
imperceptible, unperceivable - impossible or difficult to perceive by the mind or senses; "an imperceptible drop in temperature"; "an imperceptible nod"; "color is unperceivable to the touch"
quiet - free of noise or uproar; or making little if any sound; "a quiet audience at the concert"; "the room was dark and quiet"
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blown / almost out of the ground," "untouchable / angles," a "little burn / or birthmark," "the creaked creases / in the rough skin of the palm / of one so long asleep," "a clutch of mayflies," "a black candle burning," "a fat black snake," "all the day's aches / eclipsed // and a late sun / belling," "a bit of the Gospel grueling out of you," "Christ's ever unhearable / and thus always too bearable / scream"--all of which, added together, I suppose, Wiman calls, ultimately, the name of "God .
There's the crux: in defending the work we do as teachers, in defending our students and our classrooms and our labour, we slip so easily into the very gendered language that makes our voices more precarious, more unhearable, to the Ron Srigleys of the world.
If such a voice existed, they might say, it would be a cacophony, an unhearable, uninterpretable mess.
Each of these poets wrote knowing that most of their contemporaries would find them unacceptable, unhearable, in style, in substance.