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Adj.1.unhearing - totally deafunhearing - totally deaf; unable to hear anything
deaf - lacking or deprived of the sense of hearing wholly or in part
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Why continue the story of that ship, that story before which, with its fresh-water pump like a spring of death, its man with the weapon, the sea ruled by iron necessity, its spectral band swayed by terror and hope, its mute and unhearing heaven?
I am sure the prelude to the referendum will be a total shambles, similar to last year's vote in Scotland, where two unhearing sides shout the odds, spouting 'facts' and figures at each other with no sensible responses.
Frustration creeps in the "ignored" know their place, We are the unhearing members of the black and white race.
Instead of actual descriptions of guns that would allow readers to construct a picture of a gun, Hemingway gives us only their sounds: "Macomber, as he fired, unhearing his shot in the roaring of Wilson's gun" (Delbanco/Cheuse edn.
It is sad but perhaps not surprising that the United States often comes across as a bully or at best an overbearing, rich, but unhearing friend.
He personifies triumphant unhearing for he became a region's most brilliant Trickster who, affectionately and in defiance of convention, everyone laughingly called 'Deafy' to his face.
Okay in some shops the guys can get a bit vocally aggressive, but that's almost always directed at the unhearing jockeys on the TV screens.
We watched, unhearing, as Dennis gave that kid the chewing-out of his life right there on the side of the highway.
Summer windless unmoving leaves the eye unseeing the ear unhearing a quiver perceiving what