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1. A vehicle typically consisting of a saddle mounted over a single wheel and propelled by pedals.
2. Any of various other single-wheeled vehicles.

[uni- + -cycle, perhaps on the model of bicycle.]

u′ni·cy′clist n.


(Automotive Engineering) a one-wheeled vehicle driven by pedals, esp one used in a circus, etc. Also called: monocycle
[from uni- + cycle, on the model of tricycle]
ˈuniˌcyclist n


(ˈyu nəˌsaɪ kəl)

n., v. -cled, -cling. n.
1. a vehicle with one wheel, esp. a pedal-driven device kept upright and steered by body balance.
2. to ride a unicycle.
[1865–70, Amer.]
u′ni•cy`clist, n.
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Noun1.unicycle - a vehicle with a single wheel that is driven by pedalsunicycle - a vehicle with a single wheel that is driven by pedals
wheeled vehicle - a vehicle that moves on wheels and usually has a container for transporting things or people; "the oldest known wheeled vehicles were found in Sumer and Syria and date from around 3500 BC"
Verb1.unicycle - ride a unicycle
bicycle, bike, pedal, wheel, cycle - ride a bicycle


[ˈjuːnɪˌsaɪkl] Nmonociclo m


nEinrad nt
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UNICYCLING hockey players brought their unusual sport to Liverpool.
Award-winning unicyclist, juggler and tight-wire performer Sam Goodburn took on the "cakey" challenge including unicycling on a tight-wire while juggling muffins, freestyling with teabags and finally flipping Welsh cakes from shoe to cap to plate to promote the event which is taking place on Friday, September 29.
On the surface JUST gives people the opportunity to learn circus skills - primarily unicycling and juggling but also acrobatics, tumbling, stilt-walking, magic tricks and much more.
Unicycling is mostly associated with performers in circuses and festivals, and is becoming more popular with team sports such as basketball, hockey and handball.
But it is all a walk in the park for talented Sandy Armstrong, now a wellloved sight in the Holme Valley for his fearless unicycling efforts.
Students can try dozens of disciplines, including juggling, unicycling, aerial silks and hoops, high-wire walking, trapeze, ringmaster, clowning and rigging.
Rayos got into unicycling only a few years ago while working for the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino in Macau.
However, Boyer has admitted that it's so hard to drive that not even his unicycling friends got to grips with it.
A German unicycling enthusiast has broken the Guinness World Record for riding a unicycle along a line of beer bottles.
City daredevils also had the opportunity to try stilt-walking, rolling globes and unicycling or pick up a new skill like plate spinning or juggling.
Since then he's done all sorts of interesting jobs, including kids' TV - "Talking to teddy bears and that sort of thing," he laughs - but unicycling is probably one of the most unusual.