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1. A vehicle typically consisting of a saddle mounted over a single wheel and propelled by pedals.
2. Any of various other single-wheeled vehicles.

[uni- + -cycle, perhaps on the model of bicycle.]

u′ni·cy′clist n.
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Noun1.unicyclist - a person who rides a unicycleunicyclist - a person who rides a unicycle  
pedaler, pedaller - a person who rides a pedal-driven vehicle (as a bicycle)
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Tuesday's event runs from 10am to 1pm and includes a bouncy castle, puppet show and face painting for the under 10s, a juggling unicyclist and musical entertainment from the Steel Works Band.
Favourites such as comic unicyclist John Teasdale, slapstick duo Swank, juggler Rob DesForges and Wolly the Clown are returning.
QUIRKY: A unicyclist shelters from the rain, left, while others take part in the races, far left PEDAL POWER: Some of the 300 cyclists who took part in the first Stockton Cycling Festival, left and below
Then I was overtaken by a unicyclist, twice, while completing just two laps of the track
Even though the rain was merciless at times, customers enjoyed the sounds of a calypso band, and marvelled at the antics of a fire-eater, juggling unicyclist and magician.
EVENT: Unicyclist Cameron Peacock, right, and a participant, above.
There was also face painting and hair colouring for the children and a unicyclist and juggler provided more entertainment.
There will be stalls, children's rides, a unicyclist, Father Christmas and a grotto.
BOXING CLEVER: Crazy comedy from Maynard Flip; DESERT STORM: The Splott Brothers who bring with them bar room comedy and beer balancing; TIED UP: Straitjacketed unicyclist and juggler Dave Holder is part of the line-up; CHEEKY: Star performers Stickeback Plasticus who are among the clowns appearing at the festivalBALANCING ACT: The strength and agility of the Black Eagles
A funny thing happened to Darren Connell on the way to the show - he got knocked down by a unicyclist and smashed his watch.
A unicyclist will wobble over wine glasses, a man tries to prove he's got the strongest head in the country by smashing 10 watermelons, and a farmer will try to name each sheep in his flock of sheep while blindfolded.
Stephen Mulhern welcomes to the studio the acts that defy expectations, including a unicyclist who will wobble over 100 wine glasses, and a man who attempts to smash 10 watermelons on his head in 90 seconds.