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Of or developing in a linear, usually progressive sequence.


developing in a single progressive sequence, esp from simple to advanced


(ˌyu nəˈlɪn i ər)

developing or evolving in a steady, consistent, and undeviating way.
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We see it in the work of Edward Tylor, Sir James Frazer, Lucien Levy-Bruhl and others, using second hand data from travellers, missionaries and colonial administrators, and within the theoretical framework of unilinear evolution.
1) Esta narrativa linear--que tem como modelo a biografia unilinear e falsamente coerente, com inicio e fim--corresponde a um dos principais pontos de ataque dos primeiros analistas, e de Lucien Febvre em particular.
But early on, there were those who sensed that this unilinear vision of development was not the path for them.
Digital distribution of this unilinear format of the TV series has made for much more consistency and complexity in plotting and character development, because writers are aware that the series will be watched as a whole rather than as single episodes.
There, it attracted a group of young Marxists dissatisfied with monistic and unilinear interpretations of their belief system.
Instead of a unilinear approach, it should pursue a multi-angular foreign policy to reduce competition and confrontation in the Indian Ocean and to ensure the success of CPEC.
Since Stalin constantly monitored and reshaped the pillars of his power--the secret police, the Party, and, later, the military--there was great consistency, even a unilinear logic behind the political methods of his one-person rule.
They make a case for the Caribbean as a distinct cultural area and challenge traditional unilinear evolutionary models for understanding the emergence of Caribbean societies.
The history of mountaineering in Canada," Reichwein writes, "is not a unilinear process of sport 'progress' or a 'coming of age,' but a diverse and contested field of ongoing social relations interacting in specific times and places as a dynamic site of culture" (p.
The "myth" of a unilinear modernization process is treated similarly.
Such unilinear theories of social evolution dominated Victorian imperial ideology, and influenced all spheres of colonial practice.
4) Whereas Q often resembles a conventional historical novel from the 19th century that aspires to a unilinear vision of history, 54 embraces a wholly postmodern, heterogeneous aesthetic, although the very aesthetic that situates 54 in the postmodern age can also be seen periodically in Q.