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Adj.1.unimodal - having a single mode
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
bimodal - of a distribution; having or occurring with two modes
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These studies were conducted on unimodal resins, but it has yet to be determined if these results also apply to bimodal HDPE resins.
The lines will make use of Univation's linear low density PE (LLDPE) and high-density PE (HDPE) catalysts, including PRODIGY bimodal HDPE, ACCLAIM unimodal HDPE and XCAT metallocene LLDPE catalysts.
Three different kinds of functions are selected: unimodal functions ([f.
Clutch initiation showed a unimodal frequency distribution along the season, with a peak in November (Fig.
Experimental investigations have revealed that there is a marked difference in the time to failure when the notch/flaw is in the butt-fusion joint, as opposed to when the notch/flaw is located in the parent unimodal or bimodal PE4710 HDPE material.
The results indicate the size structure from Bahia Magdalena has a unimodal shape and shows negative allometric growth in the relationship between shell length and total weight (b = 2.
EPDM 6 is a commercial EPDM available from ExxonMobil Chemical, used in the production of TPV, and is known to be unimodal.
Stress rupture data used to develop these shift factors included MDPE, unimodal high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and bimodal HDPE materials.
Both species exhibited a unimodal pattern of emergence with a peak during the 0:00~8:00 period.
While most studies on bilingualism concentrate on the use of two or more spoken languages (speech-speech), also known as unimodal bilingualism, studies on bimodal bilingualism (speech-sign) are rare.
Analysis of the results of the comparison of particle size distribution of the FGC-50 using wastes of WMS taken with and without sieving of silty fraction, and sand of Volsky deposit showed that distribution curves are unimodal and have slight differences at the same specific surface of binder.