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1. Difficult or impossible to impeach: an unimpeachable witness.
2. Beyond reproach; blameless: unimpeachable behavior.
3. Beyond doubt; unquestionable: "works of such unimpeachable greatness" (Musical Heritage Review).

un′im·peach′a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.unimpeachably - without question; "Fred Winter is unquestionably the jockey to follow"; "they hired unimpeachably first-rate faculty members"
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Here was a family where prayers came at the same hour, where the Sabbath literature was unimpeachably selected, where the guest who should have leaned to any false opinion was instantly set down, and over which there reigned all week, and grew denser on Sundays, a silence that was agreeable to his ear, and a gloom that he found comfortable.
Marriage, like religion and erudition, nay, like authorship itself, was fated to become an outward requirement, and Edward Casaubon was bent on fulfilling unimpeachably all requirements.
48) Lopez's transformations from a rhetorically mild and unimpeachably neutral "merchant prince" and from a member of an "undifferentiated economic elite" to a "conspicuous and open" friend of the American cause and "a professed enemy to the British" are traceable, at least in part, through the evolution of his letter-writing style.
IF Lord Coe is serious about cleaning up athletics and being an unimpeachably independent voice in the debates about the future of track and field, he must resign as the 'Global Brand Ambassador' for Nike.
C Heroic, and unimpeachably British 13 How many Top 10 singles did 2007 X Factor winner Leon Jackson release?
Coltrane's stellar combo for this show comprises Adam Rogers (guitar), Scott Colley (bass) and Nate Smith (drums) - each of whom has an unimpeachably impressive musical CV - and the gig has significant personal symmetry for the leader.
In his conception about the Middle Ages and the Gothic he does not use solid arguments, unimpeachably, rigorously demonstrated, but soft, violent and seductive images.
But no one has done it more faithfully than Shearer, who, in his new series, mimics Nixon unimpeachably while re-enacting real-life scenes as the man known to detractors as Tricky Dick -- all to hilarious effect.
The British monthly magazine, The Oldie, generally eschews earnestness, but its March issue acknowledges this grim anniversary with an unimpeachably serious article on Hebron by the celebrated Irish travel writer Dervla Murphy.
Given the current government's pledge to safeguard the Welfare State, protect unto death the National Health Service, enrich the poor and cherish the unfortunate you would think we are in unimpeachably safe hands.
In these respects, Wilson is unimpeachably of the moment, as her first solo exhibition included both photograms and photographs encased in, encrusted with, or backed by concrete.
Its central objective was to determine the reason for the offsets by obtaining a new set of radiocarbon samples on short-lived materials that were unimpeachably well contextualised.