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That cannot be covered by insurance: uninsurable risks.

un·in·sur′a·bil′i·ty n.


(ˌʌnɪnˈʃʊərəbəl; -ˈʃɔː)
(Insurance) not eligible for insurance
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Adj.1.uninsurable - not capable of being insured or not eligible to be insured
uninsured - not covered by insurance; "an uninsured motorist"
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Aon added, "With the fast speed of change in a global economy and increasing connectivity, the impacts of certain risks, especially those uninsurable ones, are becoming more unpredictable and difficult to prepare for and mitigate.
On moral and economic grounds, the time has come for others to follow AXA's lead and recognize that fossil fuels are uninsurable.
I usually try to give it a go until I see half-a-dozen Jacob Rees-Moggs in dinner jackets, manically waving their Union Jacks as they belt out Thatcher's post-Falklands signature tune, Land of Dope and Tory, and I pray for an uninsurable act of God to strike.
This initial advance of Disaster Recovery Program funding is intended to help with uninsurable costs such as emergency response, evacuation, cleanup of damaged areas and public spaces and repairs to public infrastructure damaged by the wildfire.
Warm and cosy in their super-safe, overpowered, metal boxes; with big, fat tyres drowning pedestrians, and totally oblivious to the potentially lethal potholes lurking beneath flooded roads, what do they care about cyclists and uninsurable homes?
I've even known churches become uninsurable after several thefts have taken place there.
Amster, "because it levels the playing field for small companies by transforming a previously uninsurable threat into a manageable business risk.
The president and CEO of the firm, Barry Gilway, said that he had recently revised a prior projection about how many policies will remain with the firm in the future because they are uninsurable in the private market.
Plus part of this proposed development is on a flood plain and any new property that floods is unsellable and uninsurable.
Removal of these limits, as "ObamaCare" purports to do by eliminating lifetime caps or underwriting for pre-existing conditions, makes it even plainer that the cost of medical care is an uninsurable risk.
Such photos would clearly indicate exactly how far a flood would go for a certain water level, hence give valuable info for control measures -not to mentiwhere not to buy a house, as everything within such an area will rapidly become uninsurable or on where not to buy a house, as everything within such an area will rapidly become uninsurable or else prohibitively expensive.