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Having or displaying a lack or small amount of intelligence.

un′in·tel′li·gence n.
un′in·tel′li·gent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.unintelligently - in an unintelligent mannerunintelligently - in an unintelligent manner; "he acted rather unintelligently in this crisis"
intelligently - in an intelligent manner; "she acted intelligently in this difficult situation"
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At first I stared unintelligently across the London valley.
Those ninety thousand francs, put together sou by sou, were the fruit therefore of a sordid economy unintelligently employed.
She had never in all her life before spoken to any living being so confusedly and so unintelligently as she now spoke to Julian Gray!
3, 2012) (barring the defendant's [section] 2255 motion to vacate based on his counsel's failure to file appropriate motions to suppress evidence, because non-jurisdictional defects are waived and the failure to file motions to suppress could not be shown to have caused an involuntary, unknowing, or unintelligently given plea under and could not overcome Strickland); Johnson v.
Having recoiled from the scandal of the Iraq War, which was begun on the basis of bad intelligence and conducted unintelligently, Americans concluded that their nation no longer has much power, defined as the ability to achieve intended effects.
If the creationists are wrong, if God didn't design creation, unintelligently or otherwise, we're saying evolution did?
33) This failure to screen students based on academic ability, coupled with poor pedagogy, ensured that the learners responded unintelligently.
In Morgenthau's words, the "noble experiment of Geneva," characterized by the "dominant doctrine of legal formalism," had led to a legalism "to which the history of the world appeared as a succession of legal cases handled most unintelligently by an unenlightened humanity.