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According to the 2012 American Heart Association guidelines, (1) stress CMR can be useful for patients for initial diagnosis with an intermediate-to-high pretest probability of obstructive IHD who have an uninterpretable ECG and at least moderate physical functioning or no disabling comorbidity (class II Level of Evidence: B).
subjunctive mood alteration, the acquisition of past forms, the acquisition of interpretable and uninterpretable features, and the production of cleft sentences and restrictive relative clauses in children with dyslexia.
Just over 2% of the ECGs recorded and submitted were considered uninterpretable.
CSF collection was attempted in all patients; however, contamination with blood rendered one patient's sample uninterpretable.
Researchers were surprised at how contaminated the units were, with 97 cultures deemed uninterpretable due to high levels of bacterial and fungal contamination.
K13 analysis of 42 samples (4 were excluded because of uninterpretable results) from our study showed that 90.
sup][15] The most updated guideline on NMOSD diagnosing also indicate that routine CSF testing of AQP4-Ab-seronegative patients is not recommended,[sup][5] except in cases with additional confounding serum autoantibodies leading to uninterpretable or false-positive assay results where CSF testing may be considered.
Chomsky (2001:5) couples together the properties of feature valuation and feature interpretability through positing that a feature is uninterpretable "if and only if it is also an unvalued feature.
In that way, we go from the necessity to eliminate uninterpretable/unvalued features [u-F] from representations driving the syntactic derivation (as operations must check / value / erase uninterpretable elements before semantic interpretation) to an attempt to justify the feature valuation process (stipulated in Chomsky, 1998 as a way of getting rid of the problem of the property of displacement in natural languages) from a biological point of view.
Eight cases were uninterpretable, giving a technical failure rate of 11.
A particularly concerning issue demonstrated by several recent studies is an increased risk for fetal aneuploidy among patients in whom cell-free DNA screening fails or is uninterpretable, he said.
Statistical tests based on datasets that use standard methods to impute unknown results are often uninterpretable.