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Adj.1.unintrusive - not interfering or meddlingunintrusive - not interfering or meddling    
intrusive - tending to intrude (especially upon privacy); "she felt her presence there was intrusive"
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This is a very unintrusive approach for the bank to identify them.
Power comes from a range of all-new turbocharged aluminium engines, all of which deliver competitive performance and fuel economy and are mated to a smooth and unintrusive eight-speed automatic transmission.
State lawyers contend the Virginia justices got it right, emphasizing that the officers search was brief, unintrusive and limited in scope.
Unlike other attacks like adware that bombards a user with advertisements that can redirect them to spam-filled websites or malware that requires the user to download and install a piece of software, cryptojacking is relatively unintrusive and generally less harmful than other attacks-though that doesn't make the intentions less malicious.
The result: an innovative display mounted on the restraint bar that offers relevant content with unintrusive advertising.
They are decent and low-key, yet the effects appear valuable, but unintrusive.
We've always liked Aiza Seguerra's soulful, unintrusive and no-frills renditions, but her recent covers, including her revival of 'Farewell' in this album, have way too many 'whispered' bits than usual-and they're more distracting than entertaining.
What solution can the bomb techs devise that will be unintrusive, cheap to free, and protect your inventory?
Paired with an unintrusive, six-speed automatic transmission progress is smooth and refined, while improvements to the chassis, suspension and steering all mean that the RX handles pretty well for a car of its expanded proportions.
Unlike graffiti, however, her additions to the environment are unintrusive, quirky and often quite beautiful in an understated way.
This is the first step toward a future in which the passenger screening process will become unintrusive.
What I really like about this inexpensive little device is that it's unintrusive.