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Noun1.union representative - a representative for a labor unionunion representative - a representative for a labor union  
labor organizer, organiser, organizer - someone who enlists workers to join a union
representative - a person who represents others
shop steward, steward - a union member who is elected to represent fellow workers in negotiating with management
walking delegate - a union representative who visits workers at their jobs to see whether agreements are observed
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The trade union representative underscored that the pledges that the Iganovo site would start functioning again at full capacity had not been fulfilled.
While other school district union contracts had been settled, a vacation by state union representative and scheduling issues pushed the final meetings back, resulting in late approval by both sides.
AS the union representative for Stagecoach North East's employees I have been disappointed to recently read the number of articles in which you have implied that a spate of unfortunate accidents between bus vehicles and members of the public have been entirely at the fault of the bus driver.
A union representative is supporting me and the employer is saying my representative must be a "silent witness".
The second point I would like to make is one of appointment/ election into the role of a trade union representative.
She proceeded to tell me the story of her first week on the job when her union representative visited with her about the contract and explained the mechanics of the Local Unit.
Stefan Ostrach, a union representative with Teamsters Local 206, said a meeting with the mediator could happen next week.
Union representative John Maguire said: "If this isn't sorted out, we plan to take these protests all round Ireland.
When a worker has a complaint about the way that they are being treated in the workplace it is the trade union representative that they turn to in order to make their case.
Michael Burks, that he could have a union representative accompany him, but not one who was an attorney.
It's like a contest between spokespeople, and sometimes that gets a little bit goofy," says Kenneth Joseph, a union representative for the Ohio Federation of Teachers who currently works with 11 different locals.

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