union suit

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union suit

A one-piece undergarment combining shirt and long pants.

un′ion suit`

a close-fitting, knitted undergarment combining shirt and drawers in one piece and often having a drop seat.
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Noun1.union suit - an undergarment with shirt and drawers in one pieceunion suit - an undergarment with shirt and drawers in one piece
undergarment, unmentionable - a garment worn under other garments
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It had the form of a man, middle-sized and rather slender and graceful; but as it sat silent and motionless upon the peak they could see that its face was black as ink, and it wore a black cloth costume made like a union suit and fitting tight to its skin.
The hunting knife of his father hung at his left hip, his bow and his quiver of arrows were slung across his shoulders, while around his chest over one shoulder and beneath the opposite arm was coiled the long grass rope without which Tarzan would have felt quite as naked as would you should you be suddenly thrust upon a busy highway clad only in a union suit.
But Banks did say that the lawsuits against the phone metadata collection, including an American Civil Liberties Union suit challenging the same collection program, are strong cases that could ultimately wind their way to the Supreme Court -- and even win when they get there.
Recently, Bush officials have used it to block lawsuits accusing the government of violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, including an American Civil Liberties Union suit challenging the warrantless interception of U.
One man wore handmade red moccasin-style boots and black spandex tights; another wore a red union suit, a bathrobe and a full white beard and wig.
pmid=18647 2 - clothing for baby boy -- Classic Union Suit Gift Set $28.
It's also spending $130 million a year to add buses to comply with the consent decree that resulted from the Bus Riders Union suit.
The old-style union suit is great in cold, windy weather because it eliminates any potential gap between top and bottom where cold can sneak in.
Satan was quite something in his flaming-red union suit, trident in hand, a bit puckish - like Mickey Rooney in "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream.

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