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a. One who believes in or supports labor unions.
b. A member of a labor union.
2. Unionist
a. One who is loyal to the United Kingdom, especially in support of its sovereignty over Northern Ireland.
b. One who was loyal to the federal government of the United States during the Civil War.

un′ion·is′tic adj.
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That unionistic and mutualistic transformation might results in more beneficial, supportive, consolidating and solidarity spirit among the integrateable territories of the Nile Basin.
One of Eoehe's colleagues in Bavaria, Adolph von Harless, wrote that the American situation in the early 1840s was "a struggle between two opposing forces in America, a sound confessional group in the West and a lax and unionistic Lurheranism in the East.
In June 1918 Knox attempted to counter these activities with an increase in the bonus for employees whose wages were not governed by awards and he hoped that this voluntary act on the part of the company would be the means of 'dispelling the remaining elements of the unionistic spirit among the men'.