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v. un·ion·ized, un·ion·iz·ing, un·ion·iz·es
1. To organize into a labor union.
2. To cause to join a labor union.
To organize or join a labor union.

un′ion·i·za′tion (-yə-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
un′ion·iz′er n.


(ˈjuːnjəˌnaɪzə) or


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) someone who organizes workers into a trade union or trade unions
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Standouts in the large, 16-member cast include Lisa Robins as a sassy, sexy, high-energy Eva Tanguay; Harris Shore and Maaren Edvard as a twinkling-eyed philanderer and his fed-up-to-HERE wife and performing partner; John LaMotta as an affable Jewish comic and grandfather figure; and Tom Lillard as the golden-tongued unionizer George Fuller Golden.
Reich uses his experience as a volunteer organizer with the Service Employees International Union to explain how a Catholic hospital administration at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital reacted to unionizers employing a Catholic strategy.
Yet even the strongest unionizers appreciate Honda's approach.