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1. Universalism The doctrine, held especially by some Christian groups, that all people will eventually be saved.
2. The condition of being universal, as in range or application; universality: the universalism of a signaling system in human cells.
3. The belief that a particular theory or religion has universal application and is not limited in scope.

u′ni·ver′s·alist adj. & n.


1. a universal feature or characteristic
2. another word for universality
3. (Social Welfare) social welfare the principle that welfare services should be available to all by right, according to need, and not restricted by individual ability to pay, but funded by general contributions through taxes, rates, or national insurance payments


(Theology) a system of religious beliefs maintaining that all men are predestined for salvation
ˌUniˈversalist n, adj


(ˌyu nəˈvɜr səˌlɪz əm)

1. universal character; universality.
2. a universal range of knowledge, interests, or activities.
3. (cap.) the doctrine that emphasizes the universal fatherhood of God and the final salvation of all souls.


1. the theological doctrine that all men will finally be saved or brought back to holiness and God.
2. the doctrines and practices of the Universalist denomination. — Universalist, n., adj. — Universalistic, adj.
See also: Protestantism
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Noun1.universalism - the theological doctrine that all people will eventually be saved
theological doctrine - the doctrine of a religious group
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Findlay said: "I agree with the principle of universalism but Johann was right to raise the issues she did because it was about saying, 'As a society, what decisions do we want to make?
How does universalism or universality relate to other entities, for example, to the socio-legal institution of citizenship or to the phenomenon of societal cohesion?
effectiveness of universalism in the civil rights context.
Contributors also consider whether common European law existed in the early modern period, whether cosmopolitanism can be observed in the cultural discourses of the 19th century Ottoman and Russian empires, and whether Napoleonic constitutionalism paved the way for legal universalism.
I would have preferred him to repeal the Welfare Reform Act in its entirety and commit to replacing it with a Welfare State based on universalism.
And if anyone suggests otherwise I hope you will do as Stiefel suggests, and "show up en masse" at our services, not simply to prove a point but because, like the entire world, Unitarian Universalism needs you
The least readable parts of the book are those in which the professor lapses into the obsessively nuanced jargon of an astute religion scholar One sentence, for example, begins, "In its materialist metaphysics, its normative liberalism, and in its haughty universalism .
This is especially true in connection with the argument over how to situate Herder in regards to the universalism of the Enlightenment: was he wholly opposed to it, only partly so, or best described as articulating some parallel "counter-Enlightenment" at the same time?
Alex Salmond talks about universalism whilst one of his councils slashes badlyneeded sustenance for our children.
Such external criteria are said necessarily to imply an illegitimate and predatory universalism that results in the violent liquidation of difference, a conceptual violence that has widely come to be seen as consanguineous with the political and social violence of modernity.
28 ( ANI ): President Pranab Mukherjee has called on vice-chancellors and educationists to imbibe Tagore's spirit of universalism and pluralism.
2) A close examination of his views demonstrates that Winchester articulated his own unique version of universalism that formed something of a mediating position between the Regular Baptists and the later Universalists.