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tr.v. un·joint·ed, un·joint·ing, un·joints
To dislocate a joint of; disjoint.
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Adj.1.unjointed - without joints or jointed segments
zoological science, zoology - the branch of biology that studies animals
unarticulated - not consisting of segments that are held together by joints
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Indeed, Cibber had inadvertently reduced the villain's awesome "Menaces" and "Majestic Transports" to the hilarious "distorted Heaving's of an unjointed Caterpillar" (19 November 1734).
STATIC LEG Until this year, Ollie has worn a static, or unjointed leg.
Duck (1898)This early, unjointed "Ente," or duck, on metal wheels does not have the signature Steiff button, which debuted in 1904.
And yet, as status indicators, these send slightly mixed signals: the slices of stone form an unjointed rainscreen, which could seem flimsy next to the exceptional bricks from Petersen Tegl, the Danish firm which supplied Peter Zumthor's lauded Kolumba Art Museum in Cologne (AR November 2007).
The unjointed moulders are available with four to nine heads, full cardan shaft drive with feed speeds up to 82 fpm and feature easy head adjustment by mechanical digital readouts, with dual digital readout available for radial settings.
He unjointed the fly rod, reeling the line through the guides.