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tr.v. un·joint·ed, un·joint·ing, un·joints
To dislocate a joint of; disjoint.
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Adj.1.unjointed - without joints or jointed segments
zoological science, zoology - the branch of biology that studies animals
unarticulated - not consisting of segments that are held together by joints
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The parasite had tarsal suckers with unjointed pedicels on first and second pairs of legs in females and on all four pairs in male (Soulsby, 2005).
Indeed, Cibber had inadvertently reduced the villain's awesome "Menaces" and "Majestic Transports" to the hilarious "distorted Heaving's of an unjointed Caterpillar" (19 November 1734).
Instead of a script, there was a vivid prose treatment that changed daily, accompanied by a dizzying slew of references: the works of audiovisual artist Philippe Grandrieux and materialist filmmakers such as Peter Tscherkassky, Gunvor Nelson's My Name Is Oona (1969), Lautreamont's late 1860s poetic novel Les chants de Maldoror, the photography of Antoine D'Agata and, of course, the unjointed backdrop of Cambodia itself.
STATIC LEG Until this year, Ollie has worn a static, or unjointed leg.
Both front and rear legs are unjointed and are constructed from solid wood.