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Adj.1.unlabeled - lacking a label or tagunlabeled - lacking a label or tag; "unlabeled luggage is liable to be lost"
labeled, labelled, tagged - bearing or marked with a label or tag; "properly labeled luggage"
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subsequently, detecting the interaction of the labeled molecule with unlabeled macromolecules between themselves and other agents, including small molecules, based on the movement of molecules oriented in local temperature gradient.
In other words, it simply requires a few training samples and a great deal of unlabeled data [1].
The errant vendors unreasonably hiked prices and put some vegetables in unlabeled cartons that showed no brand or any other details about production and expiry dates, and country of origin, to mislead consumers.
An unlabeled green from Korea second pick from the foothills of
com)-- Unlabeled will be set up in the Oklahoma Employees Credit Union (OECU) over the summer.
This method can be applied to any type of cancer data set with some initial labels to obtain high accuracy result in the classification of unlabeled samples.
Semi-supervised learning utilizes unlabeled data in addition to labeled data with the goal of building better predictive models than can be learned by using labeled data alone.
As we monitored the cells for more than a week, we found the survival and growth of labeled and unlabeled cells to be indistinguishable.
You can tell who's been to Hamudeh by the stack of thin DVD cases and unlabeled discs that nest by their television sets.
Disclosure of faculty and commercial relationships as well as the discussion of unlabeled or unapproved use of any drug, device or procedure by the faculty is listed below.
The investigators found that taste preferences did not differ for the labeled versus the unlabeled sample of zucchini chocolate chip bread or broccoli gingerbread spice cake.
The practice of unlabeled advertorials has been so far neglected in health journalism research.