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1. Done with or requiring little effort; effortless.
2. Not tilled or cultivated.
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Of Obama's Amendments least favored / He finds First, Fourth and Second ill-flavored / If you'd just shut your mouth / And disarm there, Deep South / He could kick in your door most unlabored.
The old adage, you learn the rules to break the rules, applies profoundly to Merwin, who has melted the strictures of high art into a thoroughly seamless, unlabored, and seemingly simple poetic style.
Kalshan was sleeping in the ER with respirations even, and unlabored.
In fact, his mock-Wordsworth adds to his confident assertion of his unlabored labor by exuberantly highlighting the sublimely bathetic difficulties and unaccountability of his text: "I can safely say, that while its imaginations spring beyond the reach of the imaginative, its occasional meaning occasionally falls far below the meanest capacity" (174).
Sprightly, witty, distinctly unlabored, at times willfully unacademic, Reading Boyishly plots its course as: "Ancient boys, aged children, adolescent gentlemen: I dish them up as boyish cuisine.
His respirations were shallow but unlabored, with a rate of 19/min.
Yet the crafted object, like this poem, must needs appear unlabored, artless, essentially poetic, natural.
Basic physical examination: Neurologically intact, heart rate rapid but regular, pulses weak, respirations even and unlabored, abdomen soft with positive bowel sounds, continent for clear yellow, urine, and skin intact, but dry.
Part of the charm of "Mary Butterworth" is the unlabored nature of the songs, which is probably an outgrowth of the hasty recording process.
The unlabored interfusion between the physical and the metaphysical, the impersonal and the autobiographical, is conveyed through a pictorial concreteness and realism which is an indispensable element in Zanzotto's poetry.
It's what we value as an unlabored approach, one that is free, dynamic, clear, musical, and with smooth transitions .