Past tense and past participle of unlay.
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Stacks of granite sets remain unlaid, vegetation sprouts from the dock walls and quayside.
I understood what he meant: among some of the most spectacular architecture in the world, pedestrians can find themselves clambering around piles of unlaid paving slabs, using marked road crossings that lead onto rubble or tripping across desert scrubland to reach 21st Century buildings.
Sometimes she found a rare treat of unlaid or immature eggs when gutting the birds.
In relation to new buildings, again assessment and so liability can prima facie be frustrated by not completing the property - the floor could be left unlaid or key elements omitted.
They unlaid the hatches, cut the chests, and shoved the tea all overboard, where it was damaged and lost.
I pointed to rows of empty, unlaid tables, but the explanation was that there was no staff and no tote messenger.
LINDA tp = nidal LINDA ta1 = denial, inland, island, nailed, unlaid THOMPSON ta3 = protohumans, taphonomies, taphonomist
Attracting females directly would allow growers to eliminate the females and their unlaid eggs and to monitor mating cycles more precisely.
As there were only four of us, we were shown to a narrow, unlaid table shoved right up against the wall.
THE Shadowy Third" (1923) deals with the widower Martin's attempt to make a fresh start in a second marriage and the way in which his first wife returns as a "shadowy third," an unlaid ghost or unresolved guilt, to blight this new life.
But even saying nay may go agley and end in schemes unlaid.