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tr.v. un·learned also un·learnt (-lûrnt′), un·learn·ing, un·learns
1. To put (something learned) out of the mind; forget.
2. To undo the effect of; put aside the practice of: tried to unlearn his habit of nail-biting.


(ʌnˈlɜːnt) or


1. denoting knowledge or skills innately present and therefore not learnt
2. not learnt or taken notice of: unlearnt lessons.
References in classic literature ?
Therefore do I here wait, crafty and scornful upon high mountains, no impatient one, no patient one; rather one who hath even unlearnt patience, --because he no longer "suffereth.
There was I a dragoon, roving, unsettled, not self-made like him, but self-unmade--all my earlier advantages thrown away, all my little learning unlearnt, nothing picked up but what unfitted me for most things that I could think of.
There has been stranglehold of the powerful people who earned unlearnt income due to a constrained supply situation.
By: Mahmoud Oraby CAIRO --7 August 2017: He is without a doubt one of the smartest, most unpredictable villains of TV and fiction, which is exactly why his wisdom should not go unlearnt, after all, Lord Petyr Baelish aka Little finger can teach you a thing or two about life, even when it does not involve frozen zombies or uncomfortable chairs made of molten swords.
We think those who start in a relative periphery then work back to (or onto) core(s) might enjoy a strategic advantage, living with serendipity and (dis)orientation that can never be entirely unlearnt.
Having unlearnt much of what he knew about lightweight gear in the build-up to GR10, Paul Deegan was rather pleased to discover that an old dog can learn new tricks.
One answer he gives is the historically large role the state has always played in France throughout its history, which has resulted in the sorry situation where "[i]t is beginning to look as if the horses, aided by the grooms, have unlearnt how to trot and canter unaided" (2014c).
It is a significant fact, that the more the habits of any particular animal are studied by a naturalist, the more he attributes to reason and the less to unlearnt instincts.