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Adj.1.unlicenced - lacking official approvalunlicenced - lacking official approval    
unauthorised, unauthorized - not endowed with authority
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Summary: Dubai court fines defendant Dh50,000 for distributing pirated and unlicenced IPTV services
I believe the problem with using them on roads is that they are unlicenced and can't be licensed because there is no suitable vehicle category.
Fahmy says they discovered that the broadcaster was unlicenced during their trial, when a prosecutor presented evidence to that effect.
Among the cases dealt with by Teesside Magistrates' Court on August 7 were: Lee Coates, 36, of Cobden Street, Thornaby, fined PS200 and ordered to pay PS297 in costs for using unlicenced fishing equipment where fishing was regulated.
The police also seized 60 unlicenced motor bikes from the area.
The spokesman said the suspects opened fire when the police approached them but the police overpowered and arrested them and recovered two unlicenced pistols.
He added that such laws would definitely regulate the market and put the brakes on individual unlicenced sellers who have stormed the market in the last ten years.
But I liked her better in that other movie, the one where she plays an unlicenced caregiver who is hired to provide structure to two at-risk children, but instead brings them to hang with her boyfriend, a street musician who likes to spend time at his uncle's house.
He was fined Au75 on each of three counts of using an unlicenced taxi and Au75 on each of three counts of not having a taxi driver s licence.
A violent attack on one of his drivers (Elyes Gabel)sees union rep Bill O'Leary (Peter Gerety) ask Abel to allow the drivers to carry unlicenced guns as a deterrent but the boss objects, knowing it could draw the attentions of crusading Assistant District Attorney (David Oyelowo).
On Sunday, the Kuwaiti court also acquitted 36 bidoons who had been accused of taking part in an unlicenced demonstration and assaulting police, Kafeefa said.
Union rep Bill O'Leary (Peter Gerety) asks Abel to allow the drivers to carry unlicenced guns as a deterrent but the boss strongly objects, knowing that it will take just one stray bullet to arouse the suspicions of the crusading Assistant District Attorney (David Oyelowo).