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Adj.1.unlikable - (of characters in literature or drama) tending to evoke antipathetic feelingsunlikable - (of characters in literature or drama) tending to evoke antipathetic feelings; "all the characters were peculiarly unsympathetic"
drama - the literary genre of works intended for the theater
2.unlikable - difficult or impossible to likeunlikable - difficult or impossible to like; "a disagreeable and unlikable old woman"
disliked - regarded with aversion; "he was intensely disliked"
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Rooney is a very unlikable character, yet his honesty and hedonism create an "irresistible, bittersweet" tone, delivered in "a raw and breathless first-person voice" (Boston Globe).
As Barb, Huffman portrays perhaps the series' most unlikable character: a mother seeking justice for her son.
But the character at the centre of this one-woman show is thoroughly unlikable and more irritant than rogue.
d Geldolf has become increasingly unlikable of late and given Band Aid hasn't really updated it's incredibly patronising lyrics or made an attempt to shed the people it's trying to help in a positive light - well I'm out.
To make the book work, I really needed to get in the head of Elvie, the rather unlikable protagonist who is determined to find out what has happened to her sister Sophie.
Perhaps your teen is engaging in risky behaviors that are scaring the hell out of you, or he won't talk to you, or he isn't even trying to reach for his potential, or he's generally unlikable.
Endrendrum Punnagai is a predictable, under-achieving RomCom with a very unlikable lead character.
His performance as an unlikable king was strong but the best performances come from Oliver Ford Davies as the often humorous and sometimes despairing Duke of York and Jane Lapotaire, who was deeply moving as the inconsolable Duchess of Gloucester.
There is nothing particularly unlikable about the Traverse.
And he revealed he's starting to play a unlikable characters in his next three films to ward off women.
4 ( ANI ): Amid widespread unanimity in the news media that Republican candidate Mitt Romney beat President Barack Obama in their first debate in Denver, Obama's campaign manager argued that the challenger came off as unlikable and failed to offer the policy specifics Americans want.
It was the younger people in the ITV drama who came across as unlikable.