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Notice that when Rahner refers to the human capacity for the infinite, he is not referring to unlimitedness in regard to space-time per se, but rather to human openness to what is totally other, the incomprehensible mystery of God.
These legitimate arguments arise when unlimitedness is discovered within the Forms themselves, that is, when the oneness of a Form 'is afterwards found again among the things that come to be and are unlimited, so that it finds itself as one and the same in one and many things at the same time' (15b).
It was a valuable service indeed to the individual but unlimitedness preempted this humble humanitarian gesture.
In fact, it does not represent a limit of science but its unlimitedness whereas, the hostility towards science, this yes, is the human limit of such accusation.
Whether Voegelin calls these nodes time and eternity, limitedness and unlimitedness, being and non-being, death and transfiguration, Apeiron and thinghood, History I and History II, Beginning and Beyond, immanence and transcendence, the challenge is to avoid distorting or rejecting either node.