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Unfit for habitation; uninhabitable: an unlivable apartment.




not fit for living in
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Adj.1.unlivable - unfit or unsuitable to live in or withunlivable - unfit or unsuitable to live in or with; "unlivable substandard housing"
livable, liveable - fit or suitable to live in or with; "livable conditions"
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Wolf Larsen treasured against them the attempt on his life and the drubbing he had received in the forecastle; and morning, noon, and night, and all night as well, he devoted himself to making life unlivable for them.
The United Nations Country Team in Palestine has predicted that Gaza will become unlivable by 2020, unless concrete action is taken to improve basic services and infrastructure," he said on Monday.
Eventually, parts of the city will become unlivable, and the Great Wen that it has become is symbolic of the rot at the heart of the state, a home-grown pestilence that is the fault of nobody and everybody.
Summary: Unlivable conditions have created what appears to be an intentional epidemic of despair meant to dissuade migrants from coming to the continent
Residents receive only a few hours of electricity per day, and UN officials have said the densely-populated and impoverished territory is becoming rapidly unlivable.
When a HUD-assisted residents home becomes unlivable, HUD stops paying rental assistance for that residence.
Indeed, as Gore points out toward the sequel's end, the 'tipping point' may be within sight, as the new plus points and inroads eventually overpower the seemingly 'insurmountable' problems and dangers that have been threatening to make life unlivable in the world we all call home.
For those residents whose homes were damaged to the point of being unlivable, our approach has been focused on helping them into their next home, whether at another Alliance-managed community or not.
she fears the coming changes at times unlivable and here
In 2012, the UN warned that Gaza could be unlivable by 2020.
Counting key causes of the heat island effects, he said removal of green areas, rapid rise in motor vehicles, soaring building construction activities, modification of land surfaces, emission of heat from air conditioning units and encroachment on natural waterways or rainwater drains have converted the urban centres into heat islands, making them unlivable.
It said that the situation in Gaza with power cut off for more than 20 hours a day makes it unlivable today, not in 2020, as a recent United Nations report has said.