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tr.v. un·lived, un·liv·ing, un·lives
To undo the effects of; annul.
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Succumbing to an influence they never realised, they were merely dupes of the instinct that possessed them, and life slipped through their fingers unlived.
Why did that fool allow himself to die of hunger with sixty years of unlived life before him?
Then Wingrave stopped short for he felt stirring within him all the long repressed madness of his unlived manhood.
He added: "Reflecting on dad's life, particularly the last six months, I don't think that he would say that he left anything undone or had regrets of a life unlived.
Living in fear of death contorts our lives, robbing us of Death as a great ally for how to live well “It is not death but an unlived life that should terrify us,” explains Pratt, “this becomes ever more clear with each ancestral healing.
Despite the desperate housing shortage, many of the homes in Kilamba Kiaxi were unlived in for more than a year because of the prices.
The house still appears unlived in but it is not known who owns it.
There's a word for this sort of unlived memory: Instinct.
Cone reveals the whiteness in white theology: the emptiness of ideals unlived in reality, the way that fear of disorder tramples the demands of justice, the conservative goals at the heart of Christian realism, the unwillingness to acknowledge disparate access to social power, and the refusal to learn from communities of the oppressed.
History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.
For some of those looking, "new" will mean "different", but for others, new will be new-build, as in a brand new home, unlived in by anyone else.
In Act 2 the house has gone to disarray and has in fact been unlived in for a while.