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adj. un·luck·i·er, un·luck·i·est
1. Subjected to or marked by misfortune: unlucky at roulette; an unlucky day.
2. Resulting or likely to result in misfortune; inauspicious: It is considered unlucky to break a mirror. See Synonyms at unfortunate.

un·luck′i·ly adv.
un·luck′i·ness n.
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[ʌnˈlʌkɪnɪs] Nmala suerte f
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But we are told "he was given to all unluckiness in stealing venison and rabbits.
Maybe it was unluckiness, but probably true because all those stories about him, there has to be something in them.
We were right in the game but with such a low score on the board it just takes a little bit of unluckiness or a few insideedges or nicks to third man to take them close to the target.
Therefore, no Muslim should ever hesitate in holding marriages or other ceremonies in this month on such a false assumption of unluckiness.