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1. Difficult or impossible to manage or control: unmanageable traffic congestion.
2. Difficult to carry or maneuver; unwieldy: unmanageable bundles.

un·man′age·a·bil′i·ty n.
un·man′age·a·bly adv.


in a way that is unmanageable, or to an unmanageable extent
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Adv.1.unmanageably - so as to be unmanageableunmanageably - so as to be unmanageable; "`This house is unmanageably large,' she complained"
manageably - so as to be manageable; "this house is manageably small"
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Another has the toothache: the carpenter out pincers, and clapping one hand upon his bench bids him be seated there; but the poor fellow unmanageably winces under the unconcluded operation; whirling round the handle of his wooden vice, the carpenter signs him to clap his jaw in that, if he would have him draw the tooth.
Unfortunately, this would make the study very large, unmanageably expensive and time-consuming.
But when it comes to modelling a bulk material--say a length of copper wire, or a chunk of silicon in a transistor--he number of electrons is essentially infinite and the math becomes unmanageably complex.
You were working in unmanageably difficult and fast moving circumstances?
When markets turned, it became apparent that investors were left with unmanageably high risk.
If the over-proliferation of critical jargon is not already endemic across the humanities, widespread "semiurgy" would only create an unmanageably vast set of methods and terms.
The point is that people can be skilled in practice at producing answers to a problem, despite the fact that producing a full, rigorous derivation of the answers would be unmanageably difficult.
The basic problem is that when you suck air into an engine at high speed it instantly heats up to 1,000C - which is unmanageably hot.
such a degree that the blog itself becomes unmanageably long and
Biannual checkups or corrective treatment options may often seem unmanageably expensive, but those that are covered by any of the leading dental insurance policies now have more options than ever.
The giant French-bred is a relentless galloper and just two days after thrashing his Red Mills Chase rivals he was unmanageably fresh and ready to go back to work.