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1. Lacking good manners; rude.
2. Natural and unaffected.

un·man′nered·ly adv.


1. without good manners; coarse; rude
2. not affected; without mannerisms


(ʌnˈmæn ərd)

1. lacking good manners; rude or ill-bred.
2. without affectation or insincerity; ingenuous.
un•man′nered•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.unmannered - socially incorrect in behaviorunmannered - socially incorrect in behavior; "resentment flared at such an unmannered intrusion"
impolite - not polite
2.unmannered - without artificiality; natural; "the doctor's quiet unmannered entry"
unaffected - free of artificiality; sincere and genuine; "an unaffected grace"


Devoid of any hypocrisy or pretense:
References in classic literature ?
Some of them are unmannered, rough, intractable, as well as ignorant; but others are docile, have a wish to learn, and evince a disposition that pleases me.
The New York Times described her as "wonderfully musical, unexaggerated and unmannered," words that more or less encapsulate the quality of her dancing in a vast array of classical and contemporary works.
providing a realistic sweat-shop contemporary setting for naturalistic acting and a refreshingly unmannered way of speaking and singing.
With its 25 full-color paintings and its text as spare as a bone and as illuminating as the natural light of truth the whole is a work of art, an unmannered documentary," wrote John Richmond for the Montreal Star (Richmond 1974).
This lack of explicit thanksgiving does not mean that Hindus are ungrateful or unmannered before God.
This leaves the young lady with the choice of broadcasting her difficulty at every shared meal, in the hope that this will draw enough sympathy to counter an adverse reaction (although she can hardly notify everyone at a large gathering), or deciding that she doesn't care if others assume that she is merely grossly unmannered.
You can't really blame someone for being unmannered without teaching him first," Salah said.
Renderings of mannered, unmannered, and vulgar behavior, of lewd and bizarre fantasies of class behavior, of grotesque images of the human body, and of specific instances of linguistic diversity are not the result of one author's imagination.
Using simple, unmannered language, Rhodes carves out characters in one or two swift lines that pinpoint the very marrows of their existence: "Lucky wanted to be admired and Amy wanted to belong, and the paths leading to these respective fulfillments headed in different directions.
Soprano Mary Bonhag sings with perfect clarity and unmannered musicality, and with the composer himself at the piano, she is in the best of hands.
Agnes of God" scribe John Pielmeier trims to 95 minutes the narrative of Regan's demonic possession as first noticed by her sassy actress mom (nice unmannered work from Brooke Shields).
Here and elsewhere, the baron is depicted as an uncouth, unmannered outsider; (12) nonetheless, his opinions on women are given a certain measure of authority in that they are the narrative generator of the remainder of the text.