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Adj.1.Unmeasurable - impossible to measureunmeasurable - impossible to measure; "unmeasurable reaches of outer space"
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As such she compared him with herself; and at every discovery of the abundance of his illuminations, and the unmeasurable, Andean altitude of his, she became quite dejected, disheartened from all further effort on her own part whatever.
I cannot describe the unmeasurable contempt he put into the two words.
But to the man on whose land Abu Hussein shall run into a hole such as is this hole, I will give not dollars, but a most unmeasurable beating.
The older sheikhs, indeed, stood out for the unmeasurable beatings of the old days--the sharper the punishment, they argued, the surer the title; but here the hand of modern progress was against them, and they contented themselves with telling tales of Ben the first Governor, whom they called the Father of Waterwheels, and of that heroic age when men, horses, and hounds were worth following.
As for myself, heaven has given me a life of such unmeasurable woe, that even by day when I am attending to my duties and looking after the servants, I am still weeping and lamenting during the whole time; then, when night comes, and we all of us go to bed, I lie awake thinking, and my heart becomes a prey to the most incessant and cruel tortures.
He preserved his serene, gentle expression, I am told (for I have not witnessed those scenes myself), and looked around at the people with an air of placid sufficiency which was the first hint to the world of the man's overweening, unmeasurable conceit, hidden hitherto under a diffident manner.
The reward of success, according to Pingris, is unmeasurable.
He is the attending and his job is to reduce the unmeasurable, the unknown and eradicate that as much as he can from his surgeries.
These losses from continuous risks can be grouped into two broad types: (1) direct and measurable losses and (2) indirect and unmeasurable losses.
Success at lifting one's own morale as well as that of others is unquantifiable, unmeasurable, but it feels definitely satisfying.
There could exist unmeasurable influences that we were unable to adjust for," Ms.
Northbrooke comments, "As farre as good excercises and honest pastimes & plays doe benefit the health of manne, and recreate his wittes, so farre I speake not against it, but the excessive and unmeasurable use thereof.