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Once he used to wander over unmeasured tracts of land and sea at the bidding of King Eurystheus, and himself did many deeds of violence and endured many; but now he lives happily in the glorious home of snowy Olympus, and has neat-ankled Hebe for his wife.
His large lustrous eyes fixed themselves on Horace with a look of unmeasured contempt.
For, not only had his son and heir come into immediate enjoyment of a rich estate, but there was a claim through an Indian deed, confirmed by a subsequent grant of the General Court, to a vast and as yet unexplored and unmeasured tract of Eastern lands.
Who denounced in unmeasured terms the exploiters of his own time: 'Woe unto you, scribes and pharisees, hypocrites
I'll ten times girdle the unmeasured globe; yea and dive straight through it, but I'll slay him yet
Parents are turning against their own offspring or spouses in brutal circumstances unmeasured in recent times.
Apprehension" contains the opportunity for teachers to introduce the idea of aleatoric/chance elements into the student's playing with an unmeasured section listed a la cadenza.
The authors concluded that, despite a comprehensive confounder adjustment, the observed difference in the mortality risk might be attributable to residual or unmeasured confounding; in particular, the lack of information on the severity of the underlying disease and associated risk factors might have influenced the decision on the PCI setting.
The expanded intermediate-risk indication granted by the FDA enables Heart Teams to treat patients with the Sapien 3 valve who they determine to have a predicted risk of surgical mortality of greater than or equal to 3% at 30 days, based on the Society of Thoracic Surgeons risk score and other clinical co-morbidities unmeasured by the STS risk calculator.
Announcement of competition: Street lighting- Conversion of unmeasured construction measured plant
But these were all observational studies and hence likely compromised by unmeasured confounders, according to Dr.
This is a very big, unmeasured gap to fill," says Deborah Estrin, a computer science professor at Cornell University and one of the founders of Open mHealth, a nonprofit start-up focused on bringing clinical meaning to mobile health data.