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Adj.1.unmechanized - not mechanized; "production of furniture remained largely unmechanized"- Gordon Russell
nonmechanical - not mechanical
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Kelvin's father built this house because he longed to be in contact with "a living and unmechanized nature" (Salvestroni 296).
Farm sectors in these countries are still significantly unmechanized and inefficient in comparison to those found in more developed markets.
I like gardens [emphasis mine], trees, and unmechanized farmlands" (Letters 288), and he refers in a number of letters to family members to work he has done in his garden.
Many journals marveled at the simple, unmechanized methods that produced such splendid results, and glorified the Indian laborer as embodying "the artisanal, natural, and preindustrial" (116).
He evokes the grueling nature of some agricultural child labour and the multiple dangers of unmechanized workshops (which were overlooked by nineteenth-century child reformers), describes the place of revolution and war in childhood and family memories, and explores the "long transition to schooling.
Recall how Senay's hands, when assisting Okwe with the surgery on the sleeping Senor Juan, are unmechanized, valued, and visible.
Instead, with the support of local authorities, they focused on maintaining total employment by shifting production to unmechanized sectors like linen, and meeting the needs of the regional market.