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Not fitting or proper; unseemly.


literary or archaic not meet; unsuitable
unˈmeetly adv
unˈmeetness n



not meet; not fitting or proper.
[before 900]
References in classic literature ?
Thus farr to try thee, ADAM, I was pleas'd, And finde thee knowing not of Beasts alone, Which thou hast rightly nam'd, but of thy self, Expressing well the spirit within thee free, My Image, not imparted to the Brute, Whose fellowship therefore unmeet for thee Good reason was thou freely shouldst dislike, And be so minded still; I, ere thou spak'st, Knew it not good for Man to be alone, And no such companie as then thou saw'st Intended thee, for trial onely brought, To see how thou could'st judge of fit and meet: What next I bring shall please thee, be assur'd, Thy likeness, thy fit help, thy other self, Thy wish, exactly to thy hearts desire.
In what words shall I describe this dread exploit, by what language shall I make it credible to ages to come, what eulogies are there unmeet for thee, though they be hyperboles piled on hyperboles
236) Jeremy Bentham, Cases Unmeet for Punishment, in An INTRODUCTION TO THE Principles of Morals and Legislation 158, 158 (J.
I asked him who he was, and he glanced down: "A creature unprepared, unmeet for death .
Jones's head note to the plays suggests a particularly vexing disparity between text and performance: "I have purposefully omitted and left out some fond and frivolous gestures, digressing and, in my poor opinion, far unmeet for the matter, which I thought might seem more tedious unto the wise than any way else to be regarded, though haply they have been of some vain, conceited fondlings greatly gaped at, what times they were showed upon the stage in their graced deformities.
to make their matches for all their lewd and ungodly practices," or as John Stow, in his Survey of London (1598), had it: "Good citizen's Children under Age, [are] inveigled and allured to privy and unmeet contracts" (qtd.
Much more I say: Lord, dost Thou stand and knock At my closed heart more rugged than a rock, Bolted and barred, for Thy soft touch unmeet, Nor garnished nor in any wise made sweet?
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