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Adj.1.unmelodic - lacking melodyunmelodic - lacking melody      
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In the very early 2000s, when we set up Get Physical, electronic/ club music was an extremely hard, unmelodic 135+ bpm techno.
The noise is not unmelodic, not is it utterly random and therein lies its charm.
All of a sudden, she finds herself tuning an unmelodic "goat-song" that has landed undesired on her lap.
It's so unmelodic, loud and boring and I found the people involved in it quite boring too.
Melody was that which was eloquent and graceful, while that which was unmelodic was dull and repetitive.
These are unmelodic, frequently message-y songs ably arranged by music director Dean Mora and performed by cast members Christopher Guilmet, Cynthia Marty, Joe J.
If we can do anything to push any of this really negative, unmelodic music out of the charts, I would love to.
After documenting his unmelodic bent, the researchers used a magnetic resonance imaging machine to scan the man's brain while he took various tests of language and music perception.