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Adj.1.unmeritorious - without merit; "protect...from unmeritorious criticism"
unworthy - lacking in value or merit; "dispel a student whose conduct is deemed unworthy"; "unworthy of forgiveness"
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When we are treated well, we naturally begin to think that we are not altogether unmeritorious, and that it is only just we should treat ourselves well, and not mar our own good fortune.
JUSTICE Chinwe Eugenia Iyizoba of the Court of appeal sitting in Ibadan has ruled that the application filed by Hon Sumbo Olugbemi, the member representing Oluyole Federal constituency at the House of Representatives, to contest the ruling of Justice Ayo-Emmanuel of the Federal High Court sitting in Ibadan on an election petition as unmeritorious and has awarded a cost of N100, 000 against him
Courts have enough powers to make short shrift of patently unmeritorious cases with no hope of winning, either due to their improbability or to the impossibility of proof.
There was overwhelming evidence of the significant decrease in the number of claims being brought since fees were introduced, yet the Supreme Court robustly found that the Government's objective to deter unmeritorious claims simply wasn't met.
In 2013, the then Lord Chancellor, Chris Grayling, argued employment tribunal fees were necessary to deter unmeritorious claims and that users needed to make a contribution to the costs of the employment tribunal service.
Ordering McCabe to serve an extra six weeks in prison, Lord Justice McCombe added: "This application is wholly unmeritorious.
The Court found that the higher fees are not objectively justified by the Government's aims in introducing fees which included deterring unmeritorious claim and transferring some of the cost of running tribunals from the public purse to claimants.
one year, is ad hoc though as an assumption there is nothing unmeritorious about doing so.
Slansky counselled the plaintiff or otherwise allowed his client to proceed with a series of unmeritorious steps and to take unreasonable positions to achieve goals in this action.
Adverse publicity and cross-examination can ruin a successful professional career, even in cases where the claim is completely unmeritorious.